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Candle Boxes Portfolio

Our client, a candle business owner, approached us out of necessity, seeking custom candle boxes for his extensive range of candle products. He discovered our services online and reached out to us.

This Is A Game Changer

With all bakery boxes carefully crafted, BoxesGen provide guarantee for your product protection with their unique packaging boxes.


BoxesGen is a sustainably conscious online custom packaging provider in the USA. We provide innovative and trendy custom bakery boxes with perfect add-ons and custom designing!
We produced custom bakery boxes for almost 50 bakery and confectionary brands in the United States. These custom bakery boxes are custom sized to fit different sizes of cakes and pastries, and also can be quickly assembled by the staff at bakeries.
BoxesGen have packaging experts on board with years of experience in the pertinent field. Our packaging experts develop creative packaging designs, which also included the creative use of brands’ logos at the edges of the box to give it a unique look when stacked. The outcome is a trifling yet conspicuous branded box that’s easily recognizable by customers and make for a great unboxing experience.

Behind The Box

When we get order for custom bakery boxes, we knew having something tangible was really going to help our client stand out. Our experts consult with the client and crafted custom bakery boxes from scratch. Our professional packaging designers did the magic by providing creative design for bakery boxes and then the production team put their heart and soul in it to make it lively and captivating. The end result was remarkable that made our client to say wow!

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